It’s simple - your body deserves the best. Power Greens provides a potent natural source of raw fuel your body needs to perform at its best every day. 
By delivering concentrated green food nutrition in a way that suits our modern lifestyle, Power Greens is the quick and easy way to bring these potent green foods into your diet. 

Why choose Power Greens?

>  Boost energy and nutrient levels
>  Rich in protein

 Nutrient Rich: 

>  Aids training regimes
>  Energy support
>  Key green foods

What’s in the tub?

Each serving of Power Greens provides a powerful blend of nature’s finest green foods - broccoli, kale, spirulina, and chlorella as well as highly alkalising barley grass & wheat grass juice powders. Providing the raw fuel your body needs to perform at its best.

Great Tasting

We don’t compromise on anything, especially taste. Just add Power Greens to water, juice or a protein drink daily.

Recommended use:

>  Take 3-6 capsules / 1 scoop daily.

For best results take prior to or after exercise. Simply mix with cold water to taste. Or, if time isn’t an issue, add to fresh juice, pour over cereals, porridge, yoghurt, or add to your protein smoothie.


Bursting with more green goodness than you think, One Nutrition® Spirulina helps you achieve your goals. Unlike many green foods, our Spirulina is easily absorbed by the body, ensuring you get the full benefits from all its nutrients. 

Why choose Spirulina?

>  Superior source of protein 
>  For active lifestyles
>  Rich in B12 for energy support
>  Immune support from Vitamin A

Recommended use:

>  Take 3-6 capsules / tablets / 1 scoop daily


Blueberry Pie Green Monster

>  1 Scoop Power Greens
>  2 Cup Spinach
>  1 Cup Milk (Soya/Rice/Almond/Regular)
>  1 Teaspoon Vanilla (or a combination with Vanilla Soy Milk)
>  1 Ripe Banana
>  1/2 Cup Frozen Blueberries
>  1 Teaspoon Ground Flaxseed (optional)
>  1/4 Cup plain Greek Yogurt
>  1/4 Cup Walnuts (you could substitute nut-free granola or oats if you can’t have nuts)
>  A Dash of Cinnamon (optional)

Tropical Green Monster

>  1 Scoop Power Greens
>  2 Handfuls Green Spinach
>  1 Frozen (very ripe!) Banana
>  1 Cup Frozen Tropical Fruit (mine was a mix of mango, pineapple, strawberries, and peaches)
>  8oz Coconut Water
>  A Splash of Milk (optional) or Water as needed

To make these Juices

>  Combine all the ingredients and blend until smooth.