As we get older our anti-oxidant levels begin deplete. P4-Max is a rich blend of powerful anti-oxidants and polyphenols, combined into a unique formula to complement an active lifestyle.  

Why choose P4-Max?

>  Boosts anti-oxidant levels
>  Energy Boosting
>  Wellbeing support and protection

P4-Max has been scientifically formulated to ensure synergistic anti-oxidant benefit.
4 polyphenol rich extracts:

>  Grape seed extract
>  Green tea
>  Pine bark
>  Pomegranate
>  256,000 ABEL® - RAC/mg

ABEL® - RAC Explained:

The ABEL® - RAC (Relative Anti-oxidant Capacity) scale is the most accurate way to measure and compare ingredients for their ability to neutralise free radicals and other highly reactive oxidants. We use this quality system to guarantee our ingredients and to ensure that every box of P4-Max has the same ability to neutralise oxidants.

Recommended use:

>  General: 1-2 capsules daily.
>  Exercise: 1 before & 1 directly after exercise.



Fuel your body. Eating every 2-3 hours will keep your blood sugar levels stable and prevent sugar cravings and hunger which can lead to poor food choices.
Make lean protein, fruit and veg the majority of your food intake. Protein is essential for keeping us feeling fuller for longer. Fruit and veg provide essential vitamins and minerals for optimal health and are a much better source of nutrition than synthetic vitamins found in supplements.

Save starchy carbohydrates for breakfast and post-workout if you’re looking to reduce body fat and stay healthy. This is when you are at your most insulin sensitive and carbohydrates are more likely to be converted into glycogen for use as fuel, rather than stored as triglycerides in the fat cells.

Eat natural fats every day. Contrary to popular belief, fats are absolutely essential for our health, and that includes saturated fats such as raw butter, dairy and animal fats. It is the processed vegetable oils and other hydrogenated fats found in processed foods which carry a huge toxic load and make people sick and overweight.

Remember diets take you in the opposite direction to the one you want to go, so don’t ignore your body’s natural, hormonal cues of hunger and satiety. If you’re used to over-riding these important signals, take some time to start getting back in tune and learn to trust your body again.